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It was a long, cold, winter day. The streets of Tokyo are completely filled to the brim, people are walking everywhere and it doesn't matter where you go, you'll always find yourself stuck between a crowd.

The only safe place was your home, or I guess someone else's home. where entry is prohibited for strangers.

"The Phantom Thieves", does it strike you as something you may know? probably not. they're supposed to be mysterious, they're supposed to be unknown, they're supposed to be the bringers of justice.

Some people like to imagine them as elegant thieves.

They were, however, unknown at the time. they just debuted after the first case of heart change, Kamoshida.

The group was unknown to the public, yet they were on a very promising path. They have established their own beliefs and they stay true to themselves. They'll do anything they can in order to change a corrupted political figure. or any bad person, yet they seem to be targeting the bigger ones, in order to increase their fame.

That was all in the past, however.

after dealing with a certain case in mementos, they heard the name "Madarame", the one and only Ichiryusai Madarame.

It wasn't the first time they heard the name. after many coincidences, they also met his one and only pupil. currently at least.

Madarame was suspected of stealing his pupils' artwork, claiming their talent as his own, earning fame through others hard work, all in exchange of mentoring them. Seems like a job for the "Phantom Thieves", eh?

Yusuke Kitagawa, In an unfortunate serious of events, Yusuke was stalking Ann. Asking her if he could draw her. he couldn't. not with her clothes on.

But we all know the "Phantom Thieves", they'll do anything to bring justice into the corrupted hearts of society's adults. It was also the perfect chance to confirm the suspicion that's been revolving around Madarame.

Little did they know, It wasn't only Madarame who they should be scared of, That cold, wintery day. It brought dread and remorse to the "Phantom Thieves". no one heard of them after that. It's just as bad as it sounds. especially for Ann.

--- 5 / 18 ---

. . .

The day prior to the dreadful day.

Suspicions were confirmed.

Madarame does have a palace, and it isn't just about Yusuke, It's about all the other pupils. Madarame sees them as objects. only objects. belonging to his museum, They could do nothing but obey, as he had the power to crush their career if they didn't. once he was done with them, he'll throw them out.

What's worse, they found a picture of Yusuke. more specifically, an exhibit where Yusuke was in it. implying that even Yusuke was just an object, another tool he could use.

There was a locked door, right around the central garden, after the 2nd exhibition room.

You'll have to pass through a gallery, with 4 different pillars. showcasing different objects, different Pupils.

The "Phantom Thieves" couldn't handle this any longer. seeing all these people used and discarded. what's worse, this wasn't even half the palace. what could the rest be hiding?

Morgana, the perceptive human-cat, saw the same locked door that was in the palace inside Madarame's house. They needed to change his cognition. Madarame knew the door couldn't be opened. therefore the door in his palace couldn't be opened by any means. the door in the palace he never knew existed.

It was the perfect chance, Yusuke wanted Ann. It was the perfect excuse to get into the house. and change the cognition. Open the door before Madarame's eyes.

Sound like a perfect plan doesn't it? Except it isn't. Why did they decide to change his cognition? They had to. They just had to.

and it all went downhill.

--- 5 / 19 ---

. . .

The dreadful day, the day the "Phantom Thieves" disbanded. All because of the perfect plan they came up with.

Ann was hesitant to go inside and model for Yusuke. he wanted her to be naked. he needed her to be naked. Of course she doesn't want to. but it's not like she has a choice. she must do it.

Feeling the strength and the confidence build up inside her, she went to the door and knocked. her heart throbbing so hard, It hurts.

Yusuke came, and she told him. she told him she wanted to model for him today. he was surprised, pleasantly surprised, he invited her in.

she had Morgana tucked away under all the clothes she was wearing, It was going so perfectly. They got into the art room and Ann signaled for Yusuke to look away. she was bothered by the fact he was going to watch her get undressed. As soon as he turned away, she dug Morgana from the pile of clothes she was wearing. Morgana quickly taking action. Ann taking her sweet time.

Yusuke was waiting for her, she took too long. he nervously said "A-Ann? Are you done yet..?"

"Juuussst a minute" Ann said in her playful voice. her acting skills never cease to amaze us.

Piles and piles of clothing fell around the room. Yusuke was intimidated by all the clothes around him. he couldn't stop imagining Ann naked.

"N-no... I'm doing this for art!" He said to himself. conflicted, what should he do?

"Your master's coming soon, right?"

"H-Huh? Y-yes.. I believe so.." Yusuke said, still feeling that nervousness stuck at his throat. he couldn't swallow it back, or bring it out completely. It was just there. And it couldn't go for a reason. a reason he knows all too well.

"Then do you think we should do this somewhere else?" Ann's voice pitch lowered, time seemed to stretch. a second felt like a minute. This could either work or not at all. and if it doesn't, how can they bring Yusuke and the pupils the justice they deserve?

Yusuke was befuddled. Ann couldn't handle the silence anymore. she started walking towards the door of the room.

"L-Let's do this somewhere else, okay?" She said. "We don't want your master seeing me all naked." As soon as she tried opening the door, Yusuke grabbed her arm.

"No, we should stay here. Master doesn't like it when someone's walking around the house. someone other than me.."

Ann had a bit of clothing on, just the leftovers of the pile she was wearing.

"You don't want to do this, do you..? Is this why you were wearing so many clothes?" Yusuke was looking at Ann dead in the eye. He knew she was planning something.

"N-No. It's just a bit cold outside, and what would I be planning anyways?"

"Your friends, they wanted to get into here. they accused my master of hideous crimes. unthinkable crimes." He paused for a second. "Are you hoping of finding something in here? did you accept to be my model just for this reason?"

Ann didn't reply. she was silent. she didn't expect things to end this badly, he got her figured out. she couldn't lie anymore.

"I-I'm sorry... Yusuke.. listen, we both know what your master is scheming. we both know it all too well. It would be wrong to stay silent about all of this."

She paused for a little, then continued. "It's not only you, it's about all the other pupils too. you should help us with this.."

Yusuke looked disappointed. he didn't expect Ann to do such a thing. He didn't trust her when she wanted to model all of a sudden, he tried to. but it seemed too suspicious, especially with what happened prior.

Yusuke grabbed the door of the art room and closed it, locking it with a key in the process. "You disappointed me, Ann. I wanted to create the perfect picture using you, I wanted to follow my mother's footsteps." He looks at her.

"You come into my house, accuse the person who took me in when I had no one, and expect me to betray him?" He said.

"I want to do this for him, and it doesn't seem to be only about him either. I'll have to satisfy myself in the process. that's where the creativity comes from after all." He checked Ann once before finishing his words.

"Y-Yusuke...? W-what do you plan on doing... ?" Ann's confidence and strength shattered to pieces, she was in danger. she was in danger and no one knew. Morgana couldn't do anything, the others were at the palace, waiting for the door to open.

"I'll create the finest piece." He said, grabbing Ann by the legs. He pushed her. he pushed her in, somewhere she didn't expect.

His mouth. It was wide and warm, Slimy and welcoming. he tasted her feet before shoving them inside.

"Y-Yusuke?! What are you doing?!" Ann said, the expression on her face signified terror.

He ignored her, completely ignored her. she was nothing more than a girl to him now. just another one. to be discarded, another addition to his personal collection. He shoved more and more of her inside. his skin stretched like no skin ever. his mouth was wide open, It didn't hurt him, and it didn't take much effort from him. with another gulp, Ann's feet were in his throat. the outlines visible enough to her. she couldn't believe it, she couldn't act as quickly.

eventually, with another gulp, he's up to her hips. the sad thing is, her clothes are covering the rest of her body. he couldn't enjoy the taste, he would take them off if he had the time, but who knows who might be lurking near, ready to help?

Ann snapped. she finally started making sense of things. she was being eaten, fully and whole. she was being consumed, like the desserts she used to eat.

She grabbed the nearest art medium she can find, which was a bag full of coloring pencils. she slammed the bag onto his head. it didn't work. she tried struggling to escape, he was too strong for her. she kept slamming the bag over his head, over and over and over again. the coloring pencils inside broke into half. He didn't let go.

in fact, he started swallowing harder, stronger. it seems like it only made him angrier. he kept swallowing her, savoring her body. or rather, her clothes.

She's halfway through. halfway through Yusuke. it doesn't sound pleasant does it? she could feel the warmth of his body embrace hers. surrounding her everywhere. her feet were left hanging in a small open space. they were already in his stomach, she could feel the acids burn her feet. not too much, but just a little. the stomach needs more time to completely burn things off.

with another gulp, he was already at her chest, her knees are now folded in his stomach, it's starting to expand. it felt like rubber from the inside. it stretched and stretched to fit what was coming into it.

Yusuke took a glance at Ann's face, her eyes were watery. she was shocked. It was new to her, she didn't know this was possible, which made things much easier for Yusuke. Her emotions overwhelmed her, her sense of reality is fading slowly, her struggles weakening. not because she was tired. but her brain couldn't process what was happening. she just wanted to cry. to scream for help. was it her end? tears started dropping her face. one, then the other. slowly caressing her cheeks, as Yusuke gulped.

He was finally at her face. her blond hair felt like silk going into his mouth. it was the softest thing he ever tasted. her white skin felt like pudding, it was sweet. just like her.

she finally realized. she knew what was going on, she took a grasp on reality and let out a scream before Yusuke closed his mouth on her. she was crying inside him, but that didn't matter. because all he did was curl his tongue around her sweet head and savor her. before pushing with a little force, her head was already sliding down his throat. he could feel her going down. he traced her outlines down into his expanding belly, where it was four times as big now.

He let out a small burp. "Excuse me. I have to say, you tasted like nothing I had before. truly a marvelous model." He said, patting his belly.

he went and sat on the wooden chair, ready to start painting. "I'll have to quickly finish this drawing, My stomach does get a little excited sometimes, I don't have all day. so try not to move as much, Ann."

He could hear her muffled cries, they were buried deep down inside him, no one could hear her. no one except him. he was planning on drawing Ann inside his belly. that would surely be an abstract painting that would attract people's eyes and minds.

Ann kept on struggling, but not indefinitely. her struggles slowly quieted down. she was running out of air. and even if she didn't, his stomach was too strong for her. churning her up. it had no mercy or remorse.

After a few minutes, Madarame came home. he opened the door to the art gallery.

"I'm home, Yusu-" he was surprised with what he saw.

"Didn't I tell you to stop doing this? and you're even doing a painting of it now.." said Madarame, in a visibly disheartened way.

"I'm sorry master, I had to do it with this one. and it seems I finally got a grasp of the perfect perspective.."

"Do as you wish, just don't get us in trouble with the police or anything. no one must know about this."

"I assure you, no one will."

Yusuke continued to paint, the "Phantom Thieves" waiting for Ann's plan to make an impact on Madarame's cognition. little did they know, it never will.

-- Morgana --

"I..It should be here... somewhere around... Oh, there it is!"

Morgana found the door,  the door that was in Madarame's cognition, has been found in reality.

Morgana was shocked, he heard a scream. and he knew too damn well who that scream belonged to.

"L-Lady Ann... ?!" Morgana looked down the hallway, hesitant to go back. was it Ann's plan of distracting Yusuke? or is she really in trouble?

all he could do right now was trust her and continue trying to open the lock with the hairpin.

after a few minutes, Madarame came home. he had a little chat with Yusuke, but Morgana couldn't hear anything. he couldn't hear what happened to Ann.

He continued trying to open the lock, footsteps seem to be closing in. Madarame was coming. closer and closer.

he turned around the corner and saw the cat, trying to open the door. he was surprised. but that didn't stop him from taking hold of Morgana. he brought him down, and kicked him out of the house.

Morgana saw it. he saw Ann's clothes everywhere. he didn't see her, but he did see Yusuke. and he saw his huge churning belly. it was moving. moving?

He knew what had happened to her. he stood outside the house for countless minutes. before running away with dread.

"T-This is all my fault... It's all my fault!" He said, running down the streets. he couldn't meet the others, he couldn't tell them what happened.

They'll eventually know. by themselves. Changing hearts isn't easy. and sometimes, you have to be more rational. don't send a friend to their death.

what happened after that is unknown, people stopped talking about the "Phantom Thieves" of hearts, everyone thought it was a joke or a coincidence. the thing that happened with Kamoshida. it was just the right timing.

Madarame continued stealing their artwork. and a certain piece was published by him.

"The perspective of a devourer".

or "The embodiment of human desires".

It got tons of praise. and it was one of his most famous artwork. probably even more famous than the "Sayuri".
The perspective of a devourer
My first story ever :D
It contains vore so if you don't like these stuff, This isn't for you!

I wanted to write some Persona 5 vore, including Yusuke because he's an underrated character. (Although I'm more into Ryuji myself)
What do you guys think? are you guys interested in a Ryuji vore story too? I'll be happy to write that one, although I suck at writing characters like Ryuji.

Persona 5 is owned by Atlus.
It's definitely a nice thing to finally see male giants drawn at this big of a scale.
It is executed absolutely marvelously. and it's appealing to the eye.
nothing is standing out too much, everything grabs your attention eventually.

Not often do you find artists that depict giants's size as huge as this.
I find that to be a very original aspect of yours, sure we see giants as tall as a skyscraper, or we see a giant but in the eyes of a micro. as if, the person has been shrunken and the giant is normal human-size, but seems like a giant to the micro. This is the first time I find art of giants that can crush an entire populated city with only their feet. which is why I find it original.

The giants are drawn perfectly and the aspects can be quite hard to tackle off, nonetheless you managed to do it. and in almost all of your drawings.
things feel huge, and each point of perspective you use definitely gets the point across. They're giants. combined with the fact that they enjoy destroying cities, It can feel intimidating. as they probably don't care about you specifically and you'll get crushed in an instant with a dozen of other people. the giant won't be aware you even exist before certainly erasing you from existence.

Let's talk about the backgrounds, most of them feel bland and quite flat actually, That's how they're supposed to be though, flat. but I'd like to see some backgrounds pop out a little more. They're not the main focus here, but they do add a lot more to the art. I can say that you have enough experience to draw giants easily without much effort, and you don't need much improvements on that side because to me, they look absolutely fantastic.
the mountains look stale and I'd like to see a bit more variety in the terrain.
as I said, they need a little bit of work and more popping off because for all I know, skyscrapers definitely pierce through the clouds. if you know what I mean.

Overall, very lovely art from a very talented person. I'm always excited to see what you'll offer for us in the future. ;)


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